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About Us

Comedy. We love it: pub jokes, stand up, hour shows, sitcoms, podcasts, Improv. OK, maybe not Improv.
We are Dylan Jones, comedian, writer and lesser half to Ruth Hine – retired comedian and still writer.
The Croc of With is our comedy playground. Where we hang out with our gang, and show you our best moves.

We’re a stand up club, of late working out of Creature Sound Studios in Swansea. We’re looking for more venues for regular, semi regular and one-off pop up nights, We also produce our own radio sitcoms, which will become actual podcast artefacts for you to keep very soon. We write sketches. Jones hauls himself all over the UK in search of stand up gigs.

We love comedy, so by definition we love the wonderful, crazy, messed up people who make the stuff. So we help comedians package and market themselves with a range of services, such as Photography; Show reels and recording of hour shows; poster design; “punching up” material etc. Currently, we’re building up our portfolio, so there are some extremely sweet deals available.

Two acts we love to work with are Albert and Daisy. Technically dogs, but Albert is also security officer and menu tester., while Daisy (the yellow one) often MC’s for us. Trust me, no one runs over time!