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Wednesday October 3rd. Comedy At The Albion Presents Karen Sherrard

Wednesday October 3rd 20.00

The Albion
28 Glebe Street
Penarth CF64 1EF

Just when you thought summer was over, we take you to the Village Fete of the peaceful Rhondda community of Llanfairchwaraesboncen. Your host is seventy six year old Eirys Evans, Queen of the Tombola. You are all entered in the raffle. Eirys promises the event will be “A Fete Worse Than Death”.

Eirys is played by this month’s headliner KAREN SHERRARD, whose impish one liners and commanding audience interaction both surprise and delight. She has been described by Radio 4’s Colin Sell as “Warm, witty and winsome, with always the unexpected twist in the outcome and the constant readjustment of a view on the world. You want to bottle Sherrard and take her home.”

Karen has been touring her show around the UK, and has completed a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Top quality support is provided by Butetown’s Finest LEROY BRITO,. Actually he lives in Penarth, just two streets away from the gig.

Since his debut in 2011, Cardiff based comedian Leroy Brito has developed a reputation as one of the rising stars of Welsh Comedy.

A regular on the comedy circuit throughout the UK, in 2016 Leroy had a successful stint performing across the Atlantic in New York City. This was quickly followed with further success at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017. Back home in Cardiff he’s had sold out solo shows at the Wales Millennium Centre (Ffresh) and Cardiff Glee, the latter being broadcast on Made In Cardiff Television.

Leroy joins us as he warms up for his new show at the Cardiff Millennium Centre, “Three Dads”, in November.

Not yet twenty years old, CALUM STEWART has been called “An exciting new comic with an armoury of killer jokes. His is a name to remember” by none other than Joe Lycett, and “A national treasure in the making” by Scott Capurro, Calum uses his youth and Asperger’s to present a unique comic vision to the world. Definitely one to watch.

Our Newcomer this month is the talented LIAM HOWELLS. Liam learned his craft with our August headliner Ignacio Lopez, and we were very impressed by his debut performance at The Glee Club in Cardiff.

All held together by your MC for the evening, RUTH HINE. Ruth hails from Liverpool, and has years of experience on the London and national circuits. An adopted Penarth resident, Ruth’s material has been described as “Hilarious … Next Year’s Perrier Winner’s Material” by the Edinburgh Guide.

And just how much does this carnival of comedy cost? Well, if you’ve enjoyed it, and can afford it, we pass the hat at the end of the show. You won’t get a better comedy offering in Penarth this month.

Wednesday September 5th. Comedy at The Albion Presents Dan Thomas

Wednesday September 5th

The Albion
Glebe Street

After last month’s amazing sell out we’re back at the Albion with even more laughs!

Our Headliner this month is Dan Thomas
A barnstorming frenetic b*stard after my own heart. Quality.” Russell Kane
“Dynamic, dramatic, and funny. If you want comedy this guy is for real. Catch him while you can!” The Glee Club
“Leading the next generation of Welsh comedy” 24/7 Magazine
“Dan Thomas shone brightest… The crowd approves.” Buzz Magazine

Dan has been a stand up since 2005, and a professional stand up since 2010. As well as supporting Russel Kane on two tours, Dan regularly appears at The Glee Club, Highlights, The Comedy Store and Komedia. He is also a regular warm up guy for TV.

Basically, the guy is class. A very funny, high energy story teller who will have you in stitches.

Opening for Dan is former rugby prop Gareth Thomas, who’s first gig was supporting Gregg Davies. The high octane gag machine and Weigh watchers Slimmer of the Month is hand picked for the Albion and we think you’re going to love him.

Beth Jones is returning to the circuit from maternity leave, She describes herself as “Awkwardly short – too short for Petite but not quite short enough for 3/4 trousers to be fully advantageous.”. We describe her as highly likeable and very funny.

Our tip for the top this month is Prya Louise Hall. We saw her very first gig a short while ago and were impressed with what we saw. We know how to pick them!

As if that wasn’t enough your evening will be “skillfully intertwined” by the Windsor Road Wizard Dylan Jones.

“strong material stonking lines” – Chortle
“an old-fashioned stand up with plenty of one-liners and quick gags … smooth stuff from a man who looked like a natural” Grin Reaper
“a very funny guy” – Noel James

The night is FREE, but there is a collection after the show.

Remember, you’re having a Penarth, mate”

Wednesday August 1st. Comedy at the Albion Presents Ignacio Lopez



Wednesday August 1st 2018

The Albion, 28 Glebe Street, Penarth

We’re ba-ack! And we’re bringing Edinburgh Fringe to you. Without the annoying student drama groups.

Ignacio Lopez

★★★★★ “HAD THE CROWD ROARING” – Get Reading
“A STROKE OF GENIUS” – Digital Spy
“A PITCH PERFECT SET” – Wales Online
Ignacio Lopez has been wowing audiences internationally with his individual style and high gag-rate since 2010. A frequent headliner and MC in top comedy clubs all over the UK, Ignacio also performs regularly at corporate functions, private shows, military gigs, sports dinners, art centres and festivals.

Spain’s best export since Estrella, gives his show one final tweak before he takes it to the Edinburgh Fringe.

Sarah Bridgeman

” A good performer, she simply soared” South Wales Evening Post

“It’s the warmth of her personality that endears her to the crowd and gets them in a fun sort of mood” Paul James founder and MC of The Clowns Pocket Comedy Club, Neath

Sarah Bridgeman is a home grown South Wales talent, a like-able next door neighbour figure, with a bit of bite. She talks about her lodger Troy, her failure to get dates and her frustration over her inability to lose weight. She uses observational stories with whimsy perked up with her own special ukelele playing skills.

Sarah creates a warm, friendly atmosphere, has solid and dependable one liners along with longer stories that are utterly relateable,

‘I laughed from the minute you got on stage to the minute you left, really funny’ – Minehead audience member.

Sarah has been performing comedy all over the UK since 2009.She has performed at the Glee Club and regularly gigs for Mirth Control, one of the UK’s biggest booker of comedy acts. She has done well in various competitions and is a regular on Radio Wales as a funny news commentator .

See Sarah preview her show Sarah’s World HERE,

Costas Lukaris

Described as “A walk through the subconscious of lunacy”, Costas’ carefully thought out material, and understated delivery draws in the whole audience.
‘Costas’ layered material and understated delivery hides a wicked sting in the tail. Clever and quirky’ Lemon Rocket Comedy

Hales Corney

Her first gig was at the Glee Club. I think we are her third. But we’re already predicting big things for this newcomer. Be in at the start of something big.

Dylan Jones MC

Dylan Jones hails from Swansea. He has appeared on several tv shows as a comedian, and hundreds as an actor. Although old enough to remember Bacardi Breezers, these days he prefers to stick to Febreze and cardis.
“Hilarious … Next year’s Perrier Winner’s material … Recognizably original and cleverly done. … You will get a look at the real forge of comedy at work. … Refreshing”. – Edinburgh Guide
“strong material stonking lines” – Chortle
“a very funny guy” – Noel James

We love comedy. We love a pint. So we hit on the great idea of bringing the best standups we can afford into a great newly refurbed pub, The Albion, Penarth.

What could be better? Well, it’s FREE! *, and there’s no football on. So get your laughing gear to the Albion on Wednesday 1st August at 8 pm

You’ll be havin’ a Penarth, mate!

* voluntary collection taken after the show.

Wednesday 4th July The Albion, Penarth

Wednesday, 4 July 2018 from 20:00-23:00

The Albion, Penarth
Glebe Street, CF64 1HG Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan

Like a laugh? Like a drink?
We had the brilliant idea of bringing comedy to a place where you can get a drink. I know! Genius right?

See the hottest acts known to humanity* right here on your doorstep at the newly refurbished Albion in the Penarth – where they film Causalty. Laugh, drink, bring your mates.We do this on the FIRST WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH AT 8.00 PM.

Comedy at the Albion is the perfect antidote to Midweek Misery Syndrome. Yes, it IS a thing.

We will prove to you that “It’s Grin Up ‘Narth”

* considering our budget

Our opening line up:

Dorian Wainright – Talking about his infectious enthusiasm, bountiful energy, and natural story telling skills, are merely ways to avoid saying that he is both funny AND ginger. Cheerful and inventive, his persona lights up the stage,

David Hoare – This Bristol based musical comedian and right arm leg spinner is an asset to our opening night. David professes “a disdain for Flat-Earthers and a love of spreadsheets”. I’ll just leave that there.

Sam Beard – Fosters South-Coast Comedian of the Year Runner up, Sam Beard is an exciting new voice in comedy,delivering joyful observations,delightful self deprecation with a cheeky smile

“You’ll have the loveliest time watching Sam. Warm and friendly, and incredibly funny.” Steffan Alun

“An act that always delievers. Full of charm and laughs” – Caterpillar Comedy

Sianny Thomas – Star of BBC Sesh, Siânny’s comedy relates to relatives and having relations, chronicles chronic conditions, Welsh witticisms and tea. In little over a year on the circuit she has won many friends and fans alike.
“Sianny Thomas is a breath of fresh air. The real deal” – Paul James, Neath Comedy Festival

And our headliner …

Steffan Evans – If you haven’t seen his videos for BBC Sesh, or gigging all over the UK, where have you been hiding? A humble Welsh man with a self deprecating charm he touches on subjects like identity, family and bilingualism. Steffan performs all over the UK and performs in English and in Welsh on a regular basis. Described as ‘Welsh Welsh’ (Buzz Magazine) and ‘Indignant and very funny’ (Dolly Chicken Comedy)

All held together by the UK fourth most punctual comedian Dylan Jones. “strong material stonking lines” – Chortle

“an old-fashioned stand up with plenty of one-liners and quick gags … smooth stuff from a man who looked like a natural” Grin Reaper

“a very funny guy” – Noel James (yes, him off Britain’s Got Talent).

It’s free to get in, but we will be taking a collection at the end of the night to help with the running costs of the evening, and maybe by our incredibly talented acts a drink or two.


Sunday 19th November, Creature Sound Comedy Open Mic


Our Headliner this evening is the experienced Co Howarth – a Mancunian transplanted to Cardiff. He has been described as “a really wonderful MC with a real like-ability on stage and a very warm and engaging manner. Excellent!’ Hannah Silvester, The Roadhouse, Birmingham.  He will be running some new stuff for us, as well as a few of the current hits.

Our Opening act Coral Halliwell. “Don’t be fooled! Coral may have the face of an angel but she also has a set full of sin. Fresh, frank and very funny”- Coral is treating us to new material, building up to a full length show next year.

MC Dylan Jones will be at the helm. Helming.