Wednesday, 13 November 2019: Barrel of Laughs Presents Karen Sherrard

We’ve got a bumper of a bill for you this month at the Barrels in Hereford.

Top of the shop is character comedian KAREN SHERRARD.

One of Karen’s comedy characters, Esme de Flange, is a lascivious TV gardener who puts the viewer in mind of Nigella Lawson. Offering horticultural tips and probing into gardening problems, you’ll be invited into Esme’s world of overgrown shrubbery, hard-to-find Clematis, pricking out and juicy Cox. Alluding to the men in her life – her darling Anthony fiddling with his topiary balls and Serge, the lovely Frenchman whose 50 metres adjoins her rear, Esme reveals that life is not exactly the bed of roses one might have first thought.

In contrast to Esme, meet Iris Evans, a 76 year old woman from the South Wales Valleys. Her life’s work is to run the annual fête in the village of Llanfairchwaraesboncen without a hitch – a nigh on impossible task what with savage rabbits in the petting zoo, little Evan Morgan sneaking Class A crack into his Mam-gu’s competition welshcakes and a fraudulent raffle.

“Refreshing, why and laugh-out-loud material”. Colin Sell Radio 4.

Our opening act this month iis musical duo SHEEP & MASH.

Sheep & Mash stumbled into the world of live performance by accident. They can’t find the way out now.
By day, Martin Sheep and Mark Mash are humble jingle writers (you may have heard the work we did for Specsavers? or maybe not, don’t think they actually used it). By night, they become Sheep & Mash, a musical duo with enough talent to bring down an elephant.

‘Sheep and Mash have that rare musical cabaret ability- they can compose and play whilst being very funny with it. Loveable and hilarious!’ – Alex Lowe (Barry from Watford).

With support from GEORGE WILLOUGHBY, a Bristol based stand up comedian. He has performed all over the UK at comedy nights showing off his unique saxophone comedy act. George is the perfect blend of dark comedy and light hearted humour at the same time.

Even more support from the subline Gilly WEBB, and PRIYA HALL.

‘Up and coming comic Priya Hall is making a name for herself on the circuit by mainly telling jokes about her mum. She’s been reliably informed that her mum is not happy about this but people seem to like it. Her comedy has been described as “Hilariously oversharing”‘ (Bristol 24/7).

The night is held together by MC DYLAN JONES. “A playful, subversive comic writer who’s assured delivery allows him to navigate the most treacherous topics. A strong, audience focused performer who’s daring style ensures that no two live events are the same while making sure that all of them are memorable”.

And how much does such a fine evening packed with top quality comedy cost? Nothing. That’s it. You heard. Nowt. We pass the hat at the end of the show, and if you’ve enjoyed yourselves we welcome donations.

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